Some Effects of Music on The Fetus

Influence of Music

Influence of music on fetus

People of all ages are very suitable for a sound. This sound is not only to make them feel more comfortable but also to bring a lot of great benefits. It is music. You can be easy to guess the importance of the music in our life. Many types of music are the good chance for use to choose the best music. And with the babies in the womb, they can feel a lot of sounds in the outside world. However, the sound of music is good for their development. Thus, the pregnant women should create the opportunity to bring the music for the prenatal babies. In fact, there are many ways. You can use the headphones and put this device on the abdomen. Or you can turn on the best portable record player to enjoy your favorite vinyl. Surely, you and your prenatal baby will get a great feeling. Through these, I want to mention some effects of music on the baby in the womb. This article will provide the influence of music to the prenatal babies. I think this is the valuable information to read.

Some Effects of Music on The Fetus

There are a lot of various studies shown some evidence. This is the ability of the fetus who can hear the sound in the womb. Especially, music can stimulate to changing the heartbeat in the positive sign. In addition, music also brings the plenty of the benefits for the prenatal babies. You will get more details with the following information:

1. Providing The Great Sounds for The Fetus

Although it is very necessary to provide the outside sounds for the fetus you need to choose the suitable time. If your fetus is too small music does not have any benefit. Therefore, the pregnant woman needs to have some basic knowledge relating to this.

Providing the great sounds

  • When the fetus is about 17 weeks old, the baby will start to feel the external noise. But you should not let him hear too much;
  • The heartbeat of the fetus will speed up to react the sounds on the outside. At that time, he is about 26 weeks gestation;
  • By 33 weeks old, the baby in the womb can be aware the beat. This is easy to detect when you are listening to the funny songs;
  • Finally, when the prenatal babies are 38 weeks in the mother’s womb they can response to many different types of music.

2. Forming Development for The Fetus in The Womb

Forming the good brain development

According to a study in the Music Educators Journal in 1985, it listed some effects of music on the fetus.  There is a typical effect. The prenatal babies were exposed to music in the right way. They will form the better development than other babies without listening to the music in the womb. In particular, these babies after birth can have the better attention and imitate the sounds better compared with their ages.

Beyond that, in 1997 there is a small study in Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology Journal. It also gave some results after researching the unborn babies exposed the music. The babies have the good skills for the motors, the development in the language, and some cognitive skills.

In addition, many studies have been shown that most of the fetuses like to hear the mother voices and the internal sounds from the mother’s body. They include movements, breathings, voice, and other sounds. The mother’s voice is considered the most favorite sounds of the prenatal babies. The babies can recognize their mother through the voice after they were born. Thus, the mother should often sing with the music. This is a good condition for your baby to hear your voice and music.

On the other hands, the music can make the positive effects which they will stimulate the brain of the fetus. When growing in the mother’s womb, the brain development occurs in the most actively. The scientists in this field tried to find out the suitable stimuli for the brain development in the prenatal babies. Finally, they determined that the music plays an important effect and the most positive.

Important Notes When Letting The Fetus Listen to The Music

Enjoying the music together

In your life, you still bring the music for your prenatal baby with the different ways. Perhaps, you read the benefits of music in the unborn baby on the internet. Or you get the information from the friends. All of them are necessary for your experience. However, you also should follow some basic rules when letting your fetus listen to the music. I make sure that listening to music in the right way will have the benefits and prevent the risks which you do not know. To get more, you can look at some important notes as follows:

  • The volume is the essential factor to remember. You want your unborn baby to hear the music. You should not turn the volume which it is too loud. Actually, too loud music can overstimulate to the fetus. Even, this sound can affect seriously the developing ears of your baby;
  • The fetus is able to receive the sounds from the outside. However, you must select the appropriate period. It is not good to hear too soon. Your fetus can begin from 17 to 20 weeks of the gestation;
  • Also, you need to note how long to listening to music each day. It is better to spend for 20 to 30 minutes every day. When your fetus enjoys the music you also must be relaxed and enjoy together to bring more effective;
  • Besides, choosing the types of the music is an important factor. You should not choose the sad songs and the negative content. You can select the classical music and the songs with the funny melody.

In conclusion, music is a great thing in the human life. It brings a lot of benefits for both the adults and kids. Even, the music also has the positive effects on the prenatal babies. And to get the high effect, you should know some basic notes. In this writing, I just introduce all necessary things when the unborn babies listen to music. I hope that the parents understand more the influence of music in the fetus, right!

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