The Benefits of Music to Children

Influence of Music

Music can help human feel relaxed, release the muscle tension, enrich soul and make people calmer and more optimistic about the life. Those effects of music apply on children as well. In fact, many studies have shown that music stimulates the full development of the child’s mind and body. The studies indicated that music can contribute to safety, comfort and peace for young children while listening to music. Moreover, involving music in the children life can increase their memory, attention and language skills. Premature babies are also benefit from music since it helps in body development.

Music With Young Children

Music is a common language through which it helps children to develop in all aspects

Communication skills: Music can help in brain development for newborns in receiving information. This ability will affect your baby’s communication skill later on (Dr Brent Logan – Prenatal learning: Let Your Children Enjoy Worthy Gifts). Dee Joy Coulter, a neuroscientist, also indicated that interacting with music game can improve language and vocabulary skills in children. It helps enhance the sense organizing as well as encourage ideas and problem-solving skills. Therefore, music can play an important key in developing a child’s initial skills, build good foundation in communication skills along with other essential abilities that a child may need in the future.

Child listening to music

Motor Skills: Motor skills are movements of the body carried out when the brain nervous system and muscles work together. This skill is extremely important in a child’s growth since it helps child perform tasks precisely and accurately. It is the foundation for any motor talent later such as sport, art,…It must say that motor skill is the wings for the bird. So how is music help in this case? When listening to music, babies will have better heart beat rate and physical development. The rhythm of music is capable of stimulating the baby to maneuver naturally. This reflexology definitely helps the baby to develop physically, in strength and in coordination, control the child’s motor of action.

Music Helps Children Digest Better: Unexpectedly, music also stimulates the child to eat more, improve the digestive system, increase metabolism. Music also help in relaxation, when a child is in the comfortable, calm and peaceful state, they can grow better and be easier to absorb nutrient from food.

Music Improves Math Skills: One of the functional areas that can be influenced by music is the section on reading comprehension and mathematics. According to psychologist Fran Raucher and Gordon Shaw of the University of California Irvine, the United States, there is a strong connection between music and advanced mathematical control. The same effect is applied for other science subjects and field when kids have change to learn at school.

Enhance Baby’s Hearing Ability: Senses are really important in the early years of the babies. That is the time when they discover the outside world and experience things. The more babies get in the journey to explore the world, the better and quickly they grow. And hearing is just important such as many other senses. The ears are tools to receive large amount of information from the world around babies. Children can hear sound to be able to imitate and recreate that sound. Good listening not only helps the child speak well, but the child also develops the ability to focus and grasp the situation as he/she grows up. Therefore, stimulating hearing ability by music is advised.

How Should Children Approach Music

Now we all know how music benefit the child’s development and growth, but how to get them involve in the music and music activities is another story. Below are some tips to get the child approach music from the very beginning.

The research shows that babies remember and like the music they heard while in the womb. So, if you have a habit of listening to music right from the start of pregnancy, continue with this after childbirth. Mother should give her newborn baby some soft, gentle music pieces and songs, similar genres that they got to hear during the pregnancy. Baby will feel the familiarity of the rhythm and react to it.

Music for pregnancy

Besides, when baby is born, mother should often hold and hug her baby, closely to the chest and heart and gently sing some sweet melody. The baby will feel the love and affection from the mother. Children who are accompanied by parents, kissed and received loving gestures and expression along with involvement in music are proved to grow by about 10% compared to children who are not received affection and musical activities by their parents. When the brain is grown bigger and developed more, children will be more likely to overcome the tension later with better emotional control with the help of music.

Have your baby listen to music or to his/her mother singing will help the child incorporate the music and songs with habits, creating a fun exciting route for the baby in learning new things.

Parents also get their babies approach music by singing their names. Every baby loved to hear his or her name. So, when singing to your baby, insert the baby’s name in the melody. This will help a lot not only in hearing ability but also the emotion development.

Choose the kind of music that parents like and comfortably sing or listen to introduce to the babies. However, since the babies’ senses and body parts are still vulnerable and developing, please giving priority to gentle melodies to make the child feel comfortable, safe and calm. Avoid strong loud beat and rhythm such as rock, dance music or high volume since it can negatively affect the baby growth and health.

Above is some information and tips for parents to maximize the music advantage in the baby’s growth and development. Let’s turn on the best turntable and sing along with your child to their favorite songs.

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