The Significant Influence of Music on Human Life

Influence of Music

Music has an extraordinary impact on human life. Humans have the ability to sense of music in the best way. Studies have shown music; mainly musical genre works well in stimulating the brain development. Therefore, we recommend for young players to develop their intellect.

Music in Ancient Times

Previously, in the Roman era, the warrior before the battle music is often heard the extraordinary nature of cheer and encouragement for them to obtain the adventurous fighting spirit. When fighting, the soldiers often cheer a drumming noise, bustle.

When fighting, the soldiers often cheer a drumming noise, bustle

Zhang Liang was a politician; he used to blow a song flute on a full moon night. The song which has caused tens of thousands of Xiang Yu surrendered. That makes the fight does not take place, and the troops of the two sides do not die too much.

It also said that music could soothe the mental effects. Music is applied treatment for psychiatric patients. Music relieves excitement and gets the person into a state of drowsiness.

Music Helps Improve Language and Memory

Learn to play an instrument that will help them significantly improve their communication skills, and music also helps restore memory in people with brain damage. The psychologist at the University of Hong Kong in China such claims in the journal Neuropsychology.

The study was led by Dr. Agnes Chan; he has conducted research on 90 male students, ages 6 to 15. Half of the boys were trained in music in the school’s string orchestra within 1- 5 years. The other half has yet to learn through music. All this boy be tested for verbal memory. The researchers found that students learn through music to remember more words than those of the remaining children. Plus, they also found a positive relationship between time and the ability to learn music from a student’s memory: the longer, the more numbers from memory. However, there is no difference between the two groups in recalling images.

The memory from the system as a "byproduct" of the brain processes musical thinking

Chan believes that learning music stimulates the left brain, where processing auditory information. The memory from the system as a “byproduct” of the brain processes musical thinking. Chan also said that the course of learning music training has helped enhance the ability to remember words. She believes that this discovery can make a foundation for a new approach to help people memory loss after brain damage can recover their thinking. This is also good news for parents who like the music, those who wish to convey their skills to their children.

Healing Effects of Music

Scientists have discovered that listening to Mozart can treat diseases such as: reducing stress, enhancing intelligence, steady heart rhythm, treatment of epilepsy, memory loss and so on …

The doctors at the Neurological Institute London (UK) have discovered listening to Mozart for 45 minutes per day can help patients quickly recover. After the treatment, the test results of the patient brain showed a significant change in the number of brain cells, increases learning ability, IQ, neurological damage is limited processing and vision are also signs of improved significantly.

listening to music can treat diseases such as: reducing stress, enhancing intelligence, steady heart rhythm,....

Scientists said that in the minds of people and animals are very sensitive to music. The brain area was responsible for receiving the timbre of the music they hear. When the patient is exposed to the music with an appropriate chord, part of the brain becomes more active brain recovery should take place more quickly. Also, the scientists also confirmed that the music of Mozart is highly conceptual, with the mix and organize complex rhythms at a high level. Hence, when listening to this music, the listener is “awaken” some brain function. Their brain wave transmissions are strong stimulants, things like brain waves and that’s what makes the efficient brain operation.

Scientists and analysts have discovered music that Mozart’s music genius appears frequently repeated in the segments with higher frequency than the musical works of other celebrities composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Chopin …

Music Intelligence Development

After an IQ test was conducted in the US, the country’s scientists have said that the student group is relaxed by the music of Mozart with IQ test scores on average than other groups from 9 to 10 point. Speed brain activity and other activities of the youths listened to Mozart becomes more agile and dynamic than usual.

Music Intelligence Development

Music Enhances Visual Function

One trial with 60 patients at University Medical Sao Paolo on visual abilities gave great results. Participants in the trial were “enjoying” the music of Mozart in a closed room in 10 minutes. Then they started the tests of the ability of vision and brain. After listening, the process of the brain to process information received disease can progress rapidly and accurately in the functional areas of the brain.

Music Enhances Visual Function

Music Helps Maintain Heart Rhythm, Stress, and Neurological Recovery

Research by doctors Oberwalliser Hospital – Sweden concluded the Mozart music could make people become heart rate more stable. A total of 23 cases of young volunteers involved in research has confirmed the player is very beneficial for heart disease.

The musical could make people become heart rate more stable

Infants hear Mozart also significantly reduces the risk of neurological problems after birth. In the process of listening to music, a camera device has a full record of the activity and expression of infants and recognized music Mozart had the significant influence on the child’s mental state.

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